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About ZN Gaming Media

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Our story

Where it began

It started out as a group of friends that just enjoyed playing games and learning how to run servers and adding mods and ended up finding myself fix issues and helping other getting setup more and more everyday, the more praise I got for fixing something the more I wanted to find answers and fix problems.

What happened next

After a year it started to grow and evolve at this point the idea of what we had grew and ideas of what we wanted to make it come soon after, This is when the first ideas of content and video help forums first started when we took what we just shared over Messager was not being put into text for others to follow and I my mind was set I wanted to build an empire on helping people.

Where we are now

The enthuseasum to make it grow and build it to what it is now only got strong over time as others joined and a community was formed, the dream of streamer helping streamers was born, a passion was found for making help content with the hope it would inspire and impower other to follow there dreams

The future goals

We set out to build an empire on helping others and that is what we plan to do,  always looking for ways to expand and grow as a community learning how to provide better content in more ways to give more and better access to the help we provide, This is just the beginning we are just getting started, cant wait to see what we do next.

Maybe ill see "you" there

Meet the Team

The team of streamers that make up ZN gaming media

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